God is Accelerating Miracles, Signs and Wonders To Usher in the End-Time Harvest!

Published: 04th June 2010
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Brenda Savoca, Jupiter, FLorida, announces the release of her new book, "The Water Walkers: Keys to Unlocking Miracles, Signs and Wonders in Your Life." This new book will be available early June of 2010 in book stores and as well as online directly from xulonpress.com/bookstore, or call 1-866-909-2665, or go to www.believeyoucanwalkonwater.com.

Medical doctors are scratching their heads. Patients report miraculous healings of stage four cancer (CAT Scan confirmation), asthma, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and diabetes. The blind see, deaf hear, and surgically implanted metal rods are dissapearing (x-rays prove it). Stupendous signs and wonders are manifesting all over the world. Especially for those sceptical of the miraculous-the Creator is showing up to prove He's real.

The back cover summarizes the book:

"The Water Walkers" takes you on a heart-throbbing journey of self discovery into God's kingdom of miracles, signs and wonders. God's supernatural power is being revealed today through modern day servants who flow in miracles just like the prophets of old. You'll meet them. Your faith will be set on fire as you read breath-taking encounters:

• Orphans and beggars bask in Heaven while on earth.

• An envelope of cash appears out of nowhere.

• A saint breaks out of jail without tools.

• Feathers float from another dimension.

• An angelic truck driver comes to the rescue.

• Flawless gems drop from Heaven.

• A prophetic sketch heals a lady's back.

• Gold and multi-colored gem dust settles on faces and hands.

• A diamond grows in its setting.

• Glowing angel orbs float, encircling messages from the Lord.

• A drop of blood morphs into crimson glory dust.

The Holy Spirit is still in the business of performing miracles. Imagine attending church where the emphasis is sending people out to preach the Word. A church where the pastor wants you to leave. Where as many healings and miracles take place outside as inside. It's time to stop being fooled. God is the author of the supernatural. Satan is the counterfeit. Are you longing to walk in the real supernatural power of God? Learn how you can you can overcome unbelief. Discover keys to opening the spigot of the miraculous."

Update: "During an outreach in Mexico City, Mexico, a healing realm opened up!" says Giovanni Merrin, graduate of The School of the Supernatural Ministry, Redding, California. "I couldn't preach because the Holy Spirit had other plans. He began downloading Words of Knowledge (supernatural insight into something not naturally known). Next, the ministry team began recounting healing testimonies from back home at Bethel Church in California.

Then something astonishing happened. As we spoke, the blind saw, the deaf heard, and surgically implanted metal rods disappeared! A crushed sternum was restored and as I prayed an amputee's leg stump grew out three inches!" Giovanni added, "I told the man his leg would be fully restored by the next time we return to Mexico!

"There's a lot of satan worship in Mexico. But co-minister John Buillet kept repeating healing stories. People were healed all over the place as a result of telling those testimonies. A Santeria witch tried to cause havoc in our meeting but said, 'Since I've been here... my powers haven't worked!' She got healed, went home, and grabbed another witch friend whose body was half paralyzed. She returned to the outreach with her friend. Both renounced witchcraft, both were totally healed, and both accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Giovanni summed up the outreach: "Healing angels assisted us and supernaturally restored health to over 400 that day!"

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